Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Passover!

If you don't know much about the Passover, check out this site. I have enjoyed getting into learning more about all this, especially since reading Rena's blog in Jerusalem! She has been very patient in explaining things!



Abouna said...

This is the same Seder we used to celebrate when I was in the monastery. Even though we are Orthodox Catholics, we wore the Talith (Prayer Shawl) on all of the major Jewish feasts, and when it came to the Seder, we would invite Jewish families, who lived near the monastery, to join us for this special meal.

My Goodness, your blog truly is a blessing.

Elízabeth said...

Funny thing, I'll share it with you and your readers:

In spanish the word is "Pascua" and really, doesn't have any meaning. It was only when I learned english that I understood... the celebration is about the angel 'passing over' the israelites houses that terrible night in Egipt.

Jungle Mom said...

LIz; I never knew where Pascua came from but I think it may be Latin for Pesach, which is the Hebrew word.

Elízabeth said...

Oh, live and learn! you are probably right JM!

When I said Pascua doesn't have any meaning... that is for the normal individual ;-)

Not meaning you or me aren't... aghhh.. you do understand my tangled tongue! don't you?

Jungle Mom said...

Lz; LOL, I think we must be on at the same time! Your English is great! better than my Spanish I am sure! And it is no easy task to learn to spell English! I was impressed when you mentioned your son had learned to read English. Not an easy job!

Elízabeth said...

Well JM, my english is so much better since they invented the speller tool ;-D

Seriously now, I do try to watch american news on cable TV, daily. So, my ears are not as rusty as my tongue.

Posting silly comments here and there on the Web, and reading the blogs also helps.

About my son: my husband and I, used to speak english when we didn't want him to understand or know about 'certain things'. Well, you guessed it.. one day the trick didn't work anymore.

Lyndy said...

Great link...thanks for sharing. Your son will be in my prayers, as he too searches for a new job. I know you must be very proud of him for standing up for what was right.

Caraqueña said...

Hey Rita, link me to Rena please.

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice post ..gracias!