Friday, April 13, 2007

The Real Mum

"A mother's love goes on and on,
even when her child
is grown and gone.
God planted a Mother's love so deep
that the roots of it
go deep and far into our hearts.
There is no place to resign,
quit, or escape."

I have been tagged by Tina for The Real Mum meme. Today, however, being a real mom for me involves opening my home up to 9 of Jewel's friends as they all prepare for a wedding tonight. This involves having their hair, nails and makeup done! They are all to be bride's maids along with Jewel and Jayde will be singing as well. That being said, I do not have time to do this topic justice and I hope to re-visit the subject later. There is poem by Marshal. H. Hart that I feel does a pretty good job at describing the REAL MUM.

What Do Mothers Do All Day?

Every minute, to and fro,

That's the way my hours go;

Bring me this, and take me that,

Feed the dog, take out the cat.

Standing up, I eat my toast,

Drink my coffee, thaw the roast;

Empty the garbage, make the bed,

Rush to church, then wash my head.

Sweep the kitchen, wax the floor,

Scrub the woodwork, clean the doors;

Scour the bathtub, then myself,

Vacuum carpets, straighten shelves.

Eat my sandwich on the run,

Now my afternoon's begun;

To the baseball game I go,

When will there be time to sew?

Meet the teacher, stop the fight,

See the dentist, fly the kite;

Help with homework, do the wash,

Iron the clothes, put on the squash.

Shop for groceries, cash a check,

Fight the crowds, now I'm a wreck!

Dinner time it soon will be,

What's for dinner?"

Wait and see.

Dirty dishes crowd the sink,

Next there's popcorn, then a drink;

Will they never go to bed ...

Will I ever get ahead?

"Bring me water,"... "Get the light,"

Turn off the TV, lock the bike;

"Where's my pillow?" ... "Hear my prayers,"

"Did you lock the door downstairs?"

At last in bed, my spouse and I,

Too tired to move, too weak to cry;

But as I doze, I hear him say,

"What do mothers do all day?"



Oh, Jungle mom that says it all. It also made me laugh out loud. Have a fun busy day. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Haha niiiiice. I love how some men ask what women do all day, it's like they think the dinner just POOFS outta thin air, the house cleans itself, and the children chose to put THEMSELVES to bed....LOL

I like the "standing up, I eat my toast" yeah my mom rarely has time to sit down...poor thing. LOL

Becky said...

I love this poem. So true, and so wise. And the Family Circle comic is great. Only mamas would really understand. Especially stay at home mamas. Thanks for that!

Julie's Jewels said...

Whew!! I just got exhausted reading the poem. It sounds very much like how my day goes. But you know what...I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog. My first overseas mission trip was to Venezuela (Valle de la Pascua, Guarico) in 2001. It holds a big place in my heart! I'm so glad to get a peek into your life and ministry there.

Happymama said...

The thought of all those girls getting ready for the wedding makes me giggle. I hope you get pictures of it. :)

I loved your mommy poem. CUTE! AND I snagged your family circle funny to share on my blog too. It's hilarious. My brother will love it because he always picks on me about needing to find a job. LOL

Good news on your about him at Midnight Musings.


Pat said...

Bet your home is filled with ragign estrogen!! What fun---bet there are alot of giggles and curls and makeup and hairspray and then there is Jayde----Ms. I am sooo confident!!

Love it---pdon't you enjoy time with those precisous young ladies??

Love the poem by the way---and soemtimes after we redo things, we wonder often just what we are accomplishing!!

Blessings to you today!!

CaraqueƱa said...

Makes me think of the guy who came home one day to find the children in their pjs, dishes in the sink, cereal on the floor, AND his wife in her pjs, eating a box of chocolates and watching TV. When asked what was up, she said, "You know how every day when you come home, you ask me, 'So, what did you do all day?'" "Well, today, I DIDN'T!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Pam said...

Cute way to do the MEME! I have read the longer version of story Caraquena referred to. I loved it!

Michael said...

Just a comment on your quotation from Proverbs:
Proverbs 30:10-31 is called, in the Jewish tradition, Eishet Chayil, "A woman of valor."

It's tradtional for the husband to read it to his wife at the Sabbath evening meal, every Friday.