Thursday, April 05, 2007

Missionary Moment

It seems that this year, so far, has been one of conferences. We had the Pastor's Conference in January. The Couple's Retreat in February, followed by the Independent Baptist Ladies Conference in March. I taught at another Women's Conference in Yaritagua last week end, while Clint traveled to Maracay and gave a Marriage Conference at 2 different churches.

We have had 3 weddings and another one next week. Jewel will once again be a Bride's Maid and Jayde will be singing at the reception.

Our church celebrated its 23 Anniversary. This is the church Clint pastored when we first arrived in Venezuela. We had over 1200 people on Sunday morning. The children all had to remain in their Sunday School classes as there was no room in the auditorium. We had also set up extra classes in nearby homes. We normally run 800 or so on a Sunday morning.

My husband is gone this weekend to our Baptist Men's Camp in Nirgua. He says over 300 are registered this year. We were remembering back 18 years ago when we held the first camp with 13 men in attendance.

Clint is giving the men a 6 session training seminar on marriage. I was going through his power point presentation on "Understanding the Emotional Needs of a Woman" and found this slide.

So girls..are we really that complicated?!?!


Pam said...

Sorry to say for Clint - but I am ROFLOLing!! I know he has an aversion to all the LOLing that goes on at some of our blogs but this slide is the best thing I've seen in a long time!

NspiredByFaith said...

That graphic too funny! I'm afraid to say, it's totally true though! It's wonderful to hear how God is moving there! What a wonderful increase in attendance!

Anonymous said...

Hey, us men have got at least two switches. I saw your post at one of my "regular" sites and just had to follow it. I lived in Caracas from '66-70, as a kid.

Nice site.

jennifer said...

Again so funny, your post are interesting-informative and like today spiced with humor! Love the photo!

Jane-Jane said...

in a word... Yes!

Jungle Mom said...

Welcome Farmer John! Yes, i think men have 2 switches.
1) Breathing-not breathing
2) Conscience- Unconscience

LOL! You set yourself up for that one, sorry!

Sarah Joy said...

Yup it's true. My husband would say that's only half the dashboard for the women.

Steve, Dana and Maria said...

I think it speaks more to our abilty and desire to multi-task!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but aren't those two switches inter-related? LOL!

Pat said...

No, we are not that complicated, we just have alot of equipment that allows fine tuning!!LOL

Also, we liek varienty in our color choices!