Monday, April 16, 2007

Lost Comments!

I am not sure why, but several comments would not publish. If you had left a comment this morning, could you please re-do it for me?


Elízabeth said...

A little OT, but not so much:

I have 2 computers, in the one I'm using I cannot see the lovely "i love coffee" background of your site. And things now look green. Went to the old PC, and there it is.. the background. And things look kind of pinkish brown.

So.. you tell me, which is the right one?

Also, I was looking through the Cute Colors site, but I cannot understand how to do the background. Can you help me?

Un Millón de gracias! Liz

Jungle Mom said...

Liz, I am not seeing the coffee cups either. It is a gray with a green! I am not sure about any of that stuff. my daughter, in Paraguay did it all for me! She is in Brasil right now,, and I plan to ask her about it when she gets back to her home. Can you read the text ok?

Elízabeth said...

Yes Rita, I can read you
but isn't this funny? here I was thinking that you were a wiz! I'm feeling a lot better now (hahaha.. it's a joke)

BTW, I love coffee too!

Jungle Mom said...

MI hija me dice que el cafe de Paragauy es malismo! Que voy a hacer???? Y ne me gusta ese Te que ellos toman! Wakala!

Elízabeth said...

AY Rita, you'll have to do as a venezuelan friend of mine living in the states does: buy a truckload of it HERE.

Seriously, he travels a lot to central america for business and buys many kilos on every trip.

I remember my days in upstate New York 27 years ago. I missed coffee, plátano and venezuelan bread (for some strange reason I had lots Harina Pan, though).

We used to travel to Boston or NYC to buy plátanos. Until we discovered a place in Albany. Then I found an italian grocery store where I bought canned coffee, but it was like 45 minutes by highway. Venezuelan bread was the hardest.. the local italian bakery had something similar, never like ours.

Here, I miss english muffins. I bake mine, sometimes. But I always say that making bread is a man's job.